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Via Milano 40

Molochio (RC), Italy

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Where we are



"The country of longevity":

An ideal place to grow olives

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Deliba is located in Molochio (RC), a small village in the uncontaminated park of the Aspromonte massif. Here the quality of life is very high, and Molochio, due to its high percentages of supercentenarians is well-known as the “country of longevity”. A few years ago, the eating habits of Molochio’s elderly population have been the subject of a scientific study. Its results published in the “Cell Metabolism” journal, explained the importance of a low-protein, plant-based diet with olive oil daily intake, to reduce risks of cancer and overall mortality rates. Salvatore, the oldest man in Italy – and one of the oldest in the world, died in 2015, aged 110-year-old.​



The farm in numbers

Our farm covers an area of 39 hectares of terraced hills guardians of 4 olive cultivars indigenous to our Calabrian countryside: the “Ottobratico” and “Sinopolese” main ones, and the “Ciciarello” and “Carolea” less widespread varieties. Besides the olive grove, the rest of our farm is made up of large green areas populated with oak trees, pines, acacia trees, holm oak, and fruit trees, mainly fig, cherry, plum, lemon, hazelnut, chestnut and mulberry trees, and strawberry fields. In 2018, we re-established a vineyard of millenary origin, destroyed at the beginning of the 1840s when the olive grove has replaced the ancient vineyard. 


Hectares cultivated

Indigenous cultivars

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The territory


The value of biodiversity


Our territory is unique, rich in history and culture. Until the mid-1800s it was totally dedicated to the cultivation of vineyards, as evidenced by the archaeological remains of ancient millstones, wineries, and terraced vineyards. A rich history which still resounds in the farm’s single areas toponomy, such as “u parmentu” and “a vigna vecchia”, which in Calabrian local slang means, namely “the winery” and “the old vineyard”. Starting from the 1840s, as part of a bigger crop substitution program, extensive areas covered with vineyards were replaced by olive groves. Since then, olive cultivation prospered, finding an ideal environment where to thrive, producing an exception olive oil high in polyphenols, and rich in aromas and flavours.​


Terraced olive grove 



The safeguarding and preservation of the

environment is our main goal




The terraced olive grove gardens are one of the peculiarities of our farm’s territory, a real work of art masterfully modelled by the peasants, who transformed a harsh territory into a livable and sustainable environment. Today, we are called to continue our ancestors’ commitment to the care of the territory, the protection of its biodiversity through the preservation of the agricultural landscape. These are indeed the ambitious goals we have set for ourselves.


The conformational diversity of territory spreading at different altitudes, ranging from 360 to 590 meter above sea level, provide our farm’s territory with a diverse terroir, which makes our olive oil unique. The altimetric spawn of 300 meters between the lowest and highest points of our farm, determines the organoleptic properties and unique features of our olive oil. Certainly, it is in this terroir uniqueness, that lies one of the secrets of the preciousness of Deliba’s EVOO.


Let yourself be enchanted by the unique scents of our EVOO

Enjoy a truly remarkable Mediterranean culinary experience with Deliba​



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