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Dear Reader,

Imagine a warm summer evening in southern Italy. Kids dancing in ancient alleys under a starry sky, laughter echoing like melodies. That was me, 25 years ago. For us Italians, August isn't just vacation – it's a nostalgic journey back to our roots.

Remembering that evening, Giovanni’s somber face stands out. His last night in Italy before heading back to the U.S. Overwhelmed by the richness of our culture and traditions, he had a vision: to bring the authentic taste of fresh Italian olive oil to America. From this vision, the Deliba Fresh Olive Oil Club was born. Today, a thousand American families taste home through our olive oil, gifted from one generation to the next.

But now, more than ever, being part of the Deliba Club is vital.


Climate change: A devastating 30% drop in global EVOO production this past year

Our Commitment: We've cut ties with anyone not upholding our quality. Your olive oil deserves better.

The U.S. olive oil scene can be misleading:

Ambiguous Origins: Blends with no clear production date or origin.

Improper Storage: Oils that remain on shelves for years, in containers that compromise their integrity.

By joining our club, you will enjoy

- 🌿 **Authenticity**: EVOO directly from our trusted family-run farm in Italy.

- 🌟 **Certified Quality**: Nutrient-rich, pure, and full of flavor.

- 🥇 **Exclusivity**: A taste not available to the masses.

- 📘 **Education**: Gain deeper insights into the essence of premium olive oil, thanks to Carol's dedication to quality and preserving the nutritional value of EVOO.

Warm Regards,

Gianfranco Cosmano

Proud Producer of DELIBA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

PS. Words can only say so much. Taste the legacy. Explore our range and find your perfect match. Act now - Italy awaits in every bottle.

The Olive Oil PROBLEM Every American Encounters:

How Joining the Exclusive Deliba EVOO Club Transforms Your Experience:

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Discover the Hidden Olive Oil Problems Because Few Talk About Them & Unlock the Elite Benefits Reserved for Our Members.

Why Members Swear by the Deliba EVOO Club Experience

***Dive into a culinary legacy backed by thousands of discerning Americans and the recognition of UNESCO. Limited memberships available. Embark on a journey of authentic taste and health today, because the finest moments in life shouldn't wait.***


End the Search

With a trusted family-run farm supplying freshly pressed oil annually, say goodbye to the endless hunt for genuine olive oil and the constant worry of dubious quality.

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Genuine Italian Legacy

Our EVOO is single-varietal, derived exclusively from olives grown in our age-old orchards in Italy. 100% origin guaranteed

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Lifestyle & Longevity

Our olive farms are nestled in one of Italy's most renowned Blue Zones, Molochio, where the traditional Mediterranean diet, amplified by our premium EVOO, assures a high-quality life. In these zones, countless individuals live past the age of 100. Could our olive oil be a secret to longevity?

Deliba Ulivi Secolari

Heritage and Recognition

Our oil is sourced from over 2,000 indigenous century-old olive trees cultivated on our family-run farm. Proudly, our olive groves are a part of the Aspromonte National Park, a recognized UNESCO Geosite. Experience olive oil with a legacy.

Scheda Tecnica Product Data Grand Cru Deliba

Chemical Analysis Report

Receive detailed product analyses that vouch for our oil's authenticity and the polyphenol content in every batch.

Deliba Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml bottle with anti-rabble cap

Full Disclosure

Our EVOO boasts a shelf life of 18 months, and our label transparently provides production dates, expiration details, and batch numbers.

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Versatile Cooking

With a high smoke point of 200°C due to its rich polyphenol content, our oil is perfect for all kinds of culinary endeavors.

Deliba | Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Affordable Yet Elegant

We believe in giving you premium without the price tag. Why? Because we like to see our members enjoy the best, always.

Deliba Branzino Al Forno

Culinary Insights

Receive complimentary tasting notes and pairing suggestions tailored for each type of our oil.

Deliba Olio

Premium & VIP Perks

Premium and VIP members will get an exclusive monthly newsletter, brimming with recipes and tips on using EVOO.

Deliba Sinopolese Olio Piatto

Fresh December Delights

Premium and VIP members enjoy a special December shipment of lightly fruity EVOO, ideal for introducing to youngsters and daily cooking.

Deliba Torta al limone

Exclusive Tastings

VIP members will get a taste of handcrafted products we produce, including the iconic Panettone – reimagined with EVOO replacing butter.

Become a member of Deliba

Celebrate Traditions

VIPs will be gifted our special La Colomba, a traditional Italian pastry for Easter, crafted with EVOO instead of butter.

Typical Calabrian Products Deliba eggplant in oil nduja sun-dried tomatoes

Gourmet Selection

VIP members will relish a curated selection of artisanal Italian gourmet products, from sun-dried tomatoes preserved in EVOO to succulent eggplant strips, savory olives, and more.

Deliba Box

Tailored Shipments

VIP members have the exclusive privilege to customize their orders, making every delivery feel unique and personalized.

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Join the Elite

Over 1,000 discerning Americans have already made the switch. They've experienced the difference. Why haven't you?

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You're Invited to Join the Exclusive Circle of Friends Who Receive Fresh Olive Oil at Home, Directly from Their Trusted Italian Producer.

Club Limited to Just 2,000 Exclusive Members.



Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva in Lattina da 5 Litri

A partire da..

€ 30,00

Grand Cru Deliba 5L


Olio di Oliva Extravergine Monocultivar Ottobratico Lattina 5 Litri

A partire da..

€ 42,00

Deliba Olio Extravergine D'oliva Ottobratico Bottiglia


Olio Ottobratico 500ml Extravergine

€ 17,50

€ 16,50

Bottiglia Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Deliba da 500 ml con tappo antirabbocco


Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Monocultivar Sinopolese 0,5 litri

€ 17,50

€ 16,50