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Molochio (RC), Italy

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The Deliba journey: A family passion for Olive Oil

born through a love story 

The brand's story begins with two young workers ​who fell in love 40 years ago under the shade of the centuries-old olive trees of Southern Italy


Ottobratico Olive Tree

The Cosmano's family: a story to tell

Where we started


Deliba magnificent olive groves are located in Molochio (RC), a small village nestled in the heart of the Aspromonte National Park of Calabria, in Southern Italy. Molochio superb location within an uncontaminated and protected area, provided with the optimal climate, soil and morphological condition for olive tree cultivation, so that its inhabitants have a long vocation of producing and consuming high-quality Olive Oil

The 1960s

​In this context, our father, Francesco Cosmano, took his first steps in the olive-growing business being in charge of management of an olive grove of 40 hectares on behalf of the Carlizzi family. During those times, the olive harvest was a long process, as each olive was hand-picked by the women who committed to this job for several months a year

The 1970s

Life in the countryside was tough, but full of satisfaction and joy. In the early 1970s, our father, Francesco, met Maria, our mother, a young woman who, along with her mother, had just joined the harvest crew. The two dated and fell in love at work. In 1981, Francesco and Maria got married and had three children: Carmine, Gianfranco and Ivana


The 1980s 

Meanwhile, the old landowners proposed to the young spouses to buy the company, which after many years of sacrifices became their property. Since then, a long process of modernisation begins, involving our parents first, and us, their children, later on


How far we've come

From the 1990s to the 2010s

Throughout the 90s, our family-run olive-growing business enters a transitional phase which sees the rapid progression from traditional manual harvest methods to mechanical ones. Thanks to technology, production have been maximized and the length of the harvest drastically reduced to a few months


Deliba Olive Ottobratiche

2019 Deliba: a brand is born

In the 2010s, we - the Cosmano’s brothers - after completing our academic paths, decided to "return" to agriculture, bringing back to life our parents' farm, once thriving. We embarked on their same journey, with the same enthusiasm they did years ago. We took the risk and have decided that that risk was worth it. Guided by a great spirit of innovation, in 2019 we created the brand “Deliba” to market our special EVOO

Deliba Bottiglie Evo Ottobratico
Deliba F.lli Cosmano Founders



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