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We bring healthy, genuine, and tradition-rich products to our customers' tables!

Deliba is a family-owned agricultural company. In addition to producing extra virgin olive oil, we cultivate various products that we transform into marinated vegetables, jams, pickled olives, and many other magnificent delights ready to delight our customers’ palates!
by choosing Deliba products, you will bring home the taste of family tradition and our entire history.

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Olives ottobratiche deliba company and olive branch

Deliba is a family story

Discover our story to learn what lies behind our products!


Imagine, it’s the 1960s in Italy, a time of economic boom. Industrial development is bringing profound changes to Italian society. Many people are leaving rural areas and moving to big cities to work in factories. Many cultivate the dream of a better life, but for many, this dream will result in a life of hardships, far away from their roots and loved ones. Others will live in overcrowded, polluted places with a lack of essential services.


Our History

Deliba brand is born



Today, the Cosmano family's story enters its second generation in the realm of Italian olive growing, with the children, Carmine, Gianfranco, and Ivana, continuing the journey started by their parents. In 2019, they launched the DELIBA brand through which they market the extra virgin olive oil they produce, along with all the other products.

Carmine Cosmano Co Founder CEO

Our Mission

Many people ask us why Deliba.

Deliba derives from the Latin word “delibare,” which means to taste, savor, and enjoy small samples of food and beverages with grace. The term Deliba encapsulates the essence of our MISSION which is to offer a special and unique product to our customers. However, it goes beyond that. Through the Deliba brand, we aim to transmit our way of life. Deliba is an invitation to conviviality, to sharing. Even the simple act of drizzling slices of bread with a thread of extra virgin olive oil holds great significance for us, the people of the Mediterranean. It is a powerful symbol of our culture, where conviviality is a cornerstone. With the term “Deliba,” we seek to translate the simplicity of our way of life and the authenticity of our products. It is no coincidence that our motto is “Eat Well And Stay Well” and the principles of the Mediterranean Diet form the foundation of our lifestyle.


At the service of our customers.

Cosmano Carmine CEO Deliba Azienda Agricola F
Carmine Cosmano

An expert in Agronomy and Forestry, he is in charge of olive grove management and manages to get the best out of our centuries-old olive trees. Perfect olives for impeccable extra virgin oil.

Gianfranco Cosmano CMO Deliba
Gianfranco Cosmano

An expert in Marketing and Local Development, he helps us communicate our brand "Deliba" and raise awareness of our extra virgin olive oil and all other products in Italy and abroad.

Ivana Cosmano Deliba
Ivana Cosmano
Export Office Manager

Export Manager for Europe, UK and USA

Anna Restuccia Deliba
Anna Restuccia
Online Store Manager

Deliba Shop and Customer Service Manager

Ahmad Samour Deliba
Ahmad Samour
Dubai GCC Office

Sales manager for the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

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Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva in Lattina da 5 Litri

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Grand Cru Deliba 5L


Olio di Oliva Extravergine Monocultivar Ottobratico Lattina 5 Litri

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Deliba Olio Extravergine D'oliva Ottobratico Bottiglia


Olio Ottobratico 500ml Extravergine

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Bottiglia Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Deliba da 500 ml con tappo antirabbocco


Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Monocultivar Sinopolese 0,5 litri

€ 17,50

€ 16,50